Employment Opportunity – The Town of Greensboro is Seeking a Zoning Administrator


Town of Greensboro, Zoning Administrator Job Opening


The Town of Greensboro, Vermont, is seeking applicants for the part-time position of Zoning Administrator. The ZA administers the Greensboro Zoning Bylaw and works with the Planning Commission and the DRB. The opening is immediate and entails approximately

10 to 20 hours per week depending on the season and zoning activity level.  Greensboro is a vibrant rural community with a growing local foods economy and a diverse seasonal population.  Town oversight of the Shore-land Protection zoning has been received from the State of Vermont. For more information, please contact Select Board Member, Sean Thomson, either by phone (cell) 413-441-4673 or email (is best) sean.thomson@greensborovt.org or visit the town website at www.greensborovt.org.


This position is open until filled.  If interested, please apply by forwarding a letter of interest, résumé, and three references to Sean Thomson at sean.thomson@greensborovt.org (Electronic Submission Only, Please).


Go here for a copy of the Job Description:  Zoning Administrator – Job Description

Vermont Vaudeville presents “Bumps and Ruts”

Vermont Vaudeville returns to the Hardwick Town House with “Bumps & Ruts” for a weekend of circus, music and comedy on May 13th and 14th.  “Bumps and Ruts” celebrates the wonders of springtime in rural Vermont:  ditches that swallow school buses whole, potholes that would be in-ground swimming pools in any other state, washboard so bad it makes moonshine whiskey feel smooth!

May 13th at 8 pm   Prices $15 adults    $8  kids

May 14th Matinee at 2 PM   Prices $12 adults  $6 kids

May 14th at 8 pm  Prices $15 adult       $8 kids

Vermont Veterans’ Home

Many Vermont Veterans, or Veterans in the surrounding tri-state area, do not know that a residential facility for Veterans exists in Vermont, nor are they aware of the programs and care that are provided for service men and women and their spouses.  Also, this link offers important information for children who may be required to coordinate the future care of an aging parent who was in the military or for their spouse.



The Giving Closet will hold a training and organizational meeting on May 18th at 11:00 am for all volunteers.  Please come if you would like to be a volunteer, or already are. If you have any questions or items to be added to the agenda, please email Miriam at mrogers70@gmail.com.  If you would like to be a volunteer in the future, please come so that we can all sit down and talk about how the Giving Closet is organized, and what is expected of the volunteers when you are here.


The Hardwick-Greensboro Caspian Beach Committee will meet at the beach on Wednesday, April 27th at 11:00 am.


The Hazardous Committee will meet for a working meeting on May 18th at 7:00 p.m. in the Collier Room.


Green-Up day is Saturday, May 7th.  The Town of Greensboro will provide the bright green bags for collection, along with gloves.  We have a town map in the Town Clerk’s Office to mark your route that you have cleaned so others can choose a route that has not been cleaned.  Also, on Saturday, May 7th, the Walking Ladies will be providing snacks and Vermont Coffee Company is providing the coffee.  There will also be  juice for the kids.  The drop off spot for the green up bags will be behind the Town Hall in a dumpster designated for Green-Up.  We will also have our metal dumpster and a tire dumpster for tires picked up along the road.  If you have other tires you are cleaning out, we suggest $3.00 per tire to be brought into the Town Clerk’s office on Monday, or send us a check.  Thank you so much for helping Green-Up Greensboro, and let’s see how many tons of debris that we can collect!

Closed Office Notice

The Town Clerk and Assistant Clerk will be attending a training session on Wednesday May 4th.  The office will be open in the morning, but will be closed in the afternoon from 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Summer Employment – Caspian Milfoil Attendant’s

The Town of Greensboro is seeking high school or college age individuals to work as paid boat inspectors and Milfoil educators at Caspian Lake Boat Launch this summer. The position requires early morning hours and the employment period is from Memorial Day to Labor Day, although applicants do not need to be available the entire period. New hires will be required to attend a training workshop on Saturday, June 4th, in Fairlee VT.  If interested, please contact Andy Dales, Milfoil Program Supervisor, at gadales@myfairpoint.net or, Valdine Hall, Greensboro Town Clerk, townclerk@greensborovt.org



Sign Policy


Policy: Signs on Town Property

  Proposed enactment date is 6/1/2016

The Greensboro Selectboard is accepting public comments on the attached proposed policy.  Please submit your written comments, by email to townclerk@greensborovt.org, in person at the office or mailed to PO Box 119, Greensboro, VT 05841.  All comments must be received by Monday, April 11th by 4PM.

1) Authority.

This policy is adopted by the Select Board of the Town of Greensboro, Vermont under authority granted in 24 V.S.A. § 872. The jurisdiction of this policy only pertains to Town Property.

2) Purpose.

The purpose of this policy is to protect, preserve, and promote the health, safety, and welfare of persons in the Town of Greensboro through the reduction, control, and prevention of visual pollution on the Town’s property, including public spaces and parks.

3) Definitions.

a) Temporary Sign

i) A temporary sign is any sign otherwise not permanently installed or used at a full‐time place of business.

ii) A temporary sign constitutes a physical structure, which contains information for consumption.

iii) For the purposes of this policy, temporary signs are to be considered the amalgamation of physical structure and content. Therefore, a physical structure that remains static but with removable or changeable content, would be considered in violation of this policy if either its structure or content were to violate this policy.

b) Municipal Signs

Municipal signs placed, permanently or as Temporary Signs, by the Town of Greensboro or its Officers to alert the

public to deadlines, events, activities, policies, or other town business.

c) State Signs

All road signs and signs required by or placed by the State of Vermont.

d) Greensboro Sign Size and Format

As defined in the Town of Greensboro Zoning Bylaws and Town Plan.

e) Town Property

Any property that is owned by the Town of Greensboro.

4) Policy Regarding Signs on Town Property

a) No Temporary Signs will be allowed on Town Property without prior approval by the Select Board.

b) Notices on Town Property may only be posted on permanent posting boards specifically designated for that purpose.

c) No signs shall violate the Greensboro Sign Size (6 sq. ft.) and Format without prior conditional use and/or variance approval of the Greensboro Development Review Board.

5) Exceptions

This policy does not apply to Municipal Signs or State Signs, as defined in section 3.

6) Approvals for Signs on Town Property

a) Events on or uses of Town Property must be approved by the Town of Greensboro’s Select Board.

b) If a sign is requested in connection with an event or use, separate permission for the sign must also be sought at the same time as the request for permission from the Selectboard for the event or use.

c) The request must include:

i) The posting time and date of the sign,

ii) The removal time and date of the sign, and

iii) The approximate placement on Town Property

d) These signs may not be posted for any longer than 72 hours before the event or use and must be removed within 24 hours after the event or use, unless specifically approved by the Select Board.

e) These signs will comply with the requirements of the Greensboro Sign Size and Format and are defined as Temporary Signs.

7) Violations of this Policy

a) Will result in the immediate and unwarned removal of the violating sign by Town Officials Only.

b) The offending sign will be held at the Town Office for at least seventy‐two (72) hours from the time of removal and will be discarded after that period is over unless the sign has been retrieved by the owner of other authorized person.


{SAMPLE} Request Form for Use of Town of Greensboro Property and Signage


Name of Requestor:                         Name of Organization:                    Name of Event:


Date(s) of the Event:                       Time of the Event:                           Is the event recurring (Yes or No):

(If yes, please describe the recurrence i.e. weekly, monthly, the day of the week, etc.)


Signage: Do you or the organization plan to post a sign on town property for the event? (Yes or No)


Dimensions : (ft) x (ft)                   Date the sign will be placed:          Date the sign will be removed:

Additional Details (i.e. do you or the organization intend to place the sign for an extended period of time or in a recurring pattern around the event)


Description of the event:

Additional Details (any additional details you wish the board to consider in this request)


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