Grange Building Committee:

  • Ted Donlon (Chair)
  • Valdine Hall (Treasurer)
  • Rob Brigham
  • Judy Dales
  • Robbie Hurst

Proposed Drawings

Revised Drawings coming soon!

Unfortunately our zoning application was denied by the DRB and we are now in the process of hiring an Architect to review Fire and Safety Code Regulations in hopes of coming up with a secondary means of egress/fire escape.


Freeman Foundation and the Preservation Trust of Vermont

The Greensboro Grange building was recently awarded a $70,000 Preservation Grant.  The purpose of this grant is to assist with making the building handicap accessible, adding an accessible bathroom, upgrading the wiring, and installing a wastewater holding tank.  Future work will include roof repair, window restoration, and painting.

This grant was made possible by a partnership between the Freeman Foundation and the Preservation Trust of Vermont.

Greensboro Grange Building Fundraiser

An auction, the first fund-raiser for the Greensboro Grange building renovation project, took place Sunday (June 23) afternoon and was a great success, raising over $3900.  Furniture and household items were donated to the cause while auctioneer David Rowell kept the crowd interested and the pace lively as he moved through the building taking bids on over 80 items.  The auction was staffed by volunteers and, in the end, only a very few items remained unsold.  The Town of Greensboro purchased the building from the Grange last year and plans to maintain the original character of the building while renovating the structure to meet current safety and access requirements. An initial grant was made to the project by the Preservation Trust of Vermont and the Freeman Foundation but more funds will be needed.   The Grange Building Renovation Committee would like to thank everyone who participated, especially the donors. A thank-you also goes out to those who attended and contributed to the event’s success with their generous bids.  A special thanks goes to the Whitall family for their initial contribution, making the auction possible, and to David Rowell for conducting the event.

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